Bliss – Assorted Tropical (200mg)


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Taste the BLISS, our one bite Tropical Assorted gummies are created to provide a well-balanced euphoric and mind-opening experience. Whether you need a boost to get through your day or just looking to relax and unwind after a long one. Bliss is what you are looking for.

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One bite-size away from paradise with our Tropical Assorted Gummies. Each tin has 3 delicious flavours from blue raspberry, to guava, and pineapple. Each lab-tested gummy contains a precise 20mg dose, coupled with a burst of mouthwatering natural flavour. Pop one of these easy-to-dose treats any time of the day.

Directions/Suggested Use
Start with 1/2 gummy and wait 45 min to feel the effects. Increase dosage as desired or based on tolerance, but start low and go slow.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not drive or operate machinery under influence. The effects of this product may be delayed and can affect users for many hours after consumption.

Shelf Life/Storage
Store in a cool, dry place. Best if used within 2 months of opening.


THC mg per serving:20
Net weight:200g


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