Euphoria – Microdose Capsules (4000mg)


These micro-dosed capsules are great for any indoor or outdoor activities. They will enlighten all senses & get you in touch with your spiritual self, boost creativity, aid with addiction, PTSD, alleviate anxiety & much more. Micro-dosing medicinal mushrooms is a relatively new phenomenon but have gained a loyal following amongst very diverse people, including entrepreneurs, athletes, stay-at-home parents, those struggling with anxiety or depression, and just about anyone who’s looking to enhance their cognitive wellness.

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Micro-dosing is consuming unnoticeable amounts of psilocybin mushrooms to promote higher levels of creativity, more energy, increased focus, and improved skills. Many use micro-dosing to heighten and enhance their senses
Eminent psychedelic researchers have also found largely positive effects of psilocybin mushrooms used to cope with anxiety, depression, ADHD and PTSD.

Euphoria Psychedelics use ginger root extract in all our formulations due to the fact psilocybin converts into psilocin in our stomachs causing a chemical reaction that is responsible for nausea at times.

Keep out of reach of children & pets.

All capsules have a shelf life of 1 year if placed in a cool place away from direct sunlight.



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