Medibles – Watermelon Slices (150mg)


With the powerful smell of watermelon, you would be fooled to think they came right from the patch! We made sure to make an authentic taste that will trick your tastebuds into thinking you are in fact in the heat of summer at a picnic table enjoying a familiar treat! With 30 mg of thc infused in each candy, we have a 5 pack of the candy you loved and added the medical properties you crave!

These candies are 100% infused. They are packaged with a child-resistant package in order to keep your loved ones safe! Dive in and try all 5 of our flavours!

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DISCLAIMER: At Mmmedibles we believe it should be an industry standard to include child-resistant bags. We trust each user keeps the product out of reach of those under age, however, as a last line of defence we ensure that each bag comes with a two-part opening system. insert your left thumb into the back slot then continue to open like a standard mylar bag. If you have any issues head over to our Instagram: Mediblesbymel for a full video demonstration. Thanks for choosing Mmmedibles! Keep your eyes peeled and your teeth sweet for all of our new and upcoming flavours!



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